Albanian Ophthalmological Society,(AOS) was founded and approved on 9 April 1992, based on lawful acts of on existing time: for social societies that not attend economic purpose.

Actually there are approximately   101 persons, ophthalmologists, belong to a group as members of this society with active participation. The purpose of society foundation has been and is being, the increase of technical and scientific level of its members, to spread the advanced experience of our country colleagues and  particularly of developed countries colleagues as well as Europe and U.S.A, etc, to create the way and means of continuous increasing of clinic, diagnostic and cured work of eye diseases, to incite initiatives for scientific research work to guarantee rights  of its memberships, as to strengthen relationships and cooperation with analogous societies as neighbouring countries of South East, West Europe and, as well as. of the USA.

The society is national and has its statute and program. It is a voluntary union of eye diseases specialists that are ophthalmologists with Albanian and foreign origin which work and live in Republic of Albania or abroad everywhere.

AOS has its existing stamp and emblem (logo) since its establishment time. The stamp is round (circular) with nomination(inscription) “Albanian Ophthalmological Society” (AOS) and its emblem(Logo) is “eye picture” outlined from Prof, Dr Gjergji Cepa since establishment time on year 1992.

•    During years 1992 – 2003, chairman of A.O.S has been elected Professor Dr. Sulejman Zhugli, which is inciting person of  our  society founding  in cooperation with Prof.Dr. Gjergji Cepa and  some others Albanian Oculists of our country .
•    During years 2003-2009 chairman of AOS has been elected Professor Dr. Gjergji Cepa.
•    During years 2010 -2014, chairman of AOS has been elected Dr.Ndue Bardhi
•    Since year 2014  and in continuity until  next future elections,  the chairman  of AOS  is  Dr. Ndue Bardhi.

Official confirmation of SOE President, in case of AOS approvement as an official membet of SOE, date 22 June 2015.Dear Prof. Dr. Bardhi

Following the interest from the Albanian Ophthalmological Society (AOS) to become an SOE member Society I am writing to confirm that at the application was approved by the Executive Committee.

On behalf of the European Society of Ophthalmology (SOE) I wish to formally welcome you to the Society and look forward to your Associations participation in the future. SOE relies on all Board, Associate and Honorary members to be active in supporting and promoting the work of SOE within your Association members.

We would ask that you send us the name, photograph and contact details for you chosen Association member to represent your Association at future annual SOE Board meetings. Attached are the SOE Statutes which outline the term and voting rights of a member Society.

Could you also let me have a version of your Society logo that I can add to the SOE website.

Should you have any questions please contact Hannah Duncan or Josephine Gordon at the SOE Secretariat who will be glad to assist.

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome the Albanian Ophthalmological Society ( AOS ) to SOE.

Yours sincerely

2.1  The purpose and objectives

1.    To encourages initiative for Research and Scientific work.
2.    To protect rights of memberships.
3.    To strengthen connections and cooperation with analogous of foreign neighboring South – East and West-European countries, as of USA.